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What is Quasistatic process and list the assumptions of Ideal gas?

A system is made to undergo a series of change of states such that it is in thermodynamic equilibrium at each and every state.Then the locus of all these states is called as quasistatic process.

  • It is ideal and very slow process.

Example of Quasistatic Process:

If sand grains are allowed to fall one after the other on a piston-cylinder mechanism,then the movement of such a piston is called a quasistatic process.

What is Quasistatic process and list the assumptions of Ideal gas was mentioned in this article.
What is Quasistatic process

Assumptions of Ideal gas:

  • Molecular separation is very high.
  • Molecules do not occupy any volume.
  • The molecular collisions are elastic in nature.
  • There are no inter-molecular forces of attraction are present.

The equation is given as:



          P       -Pressure(pascals)

          V       -Volume(m^3)

          m       -mass(Kg)

          R       -Gas Constant(J/KgK)

          T       -Temp(K)

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